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In my backyard

RFTBAC | In my backyard 1_sm

A friend of mine who lives in a busy capital confessed how he craved to live surrounded by nature. “I live surrounded by nature!” I answered enthusiastically, without mentioning how I had been longing my intestines sick to live in a metropolis. My backyard is a mountain adjacent more mountains (give or take a few houses), and my front yard’s a fjord (give or take a few buildings). And there’s the luxury of the city, a relatively small city in terms of population (Bergen is Norway’s second largest, with 275 112 inhabitants as of January this year (1) ) but nonetheless a city where you can, among other things, buy stuff such as exotic food, grown and harvested over the hills and far away from here. (That’s actually quite insane if you think about it, and you really should think about this now and again, I mean, the absurdity of how much human society has evolved and yet how much we are able to destruct.)

Obviously all this reminded me to meditate on how little appreciative I’ve been of sharing a humongous backyard with very few people in a world struggling with deforestation and overpopulation. The necessary train of thoughts continued about how we long for that other thing we do not have until we have it, and then yearn for that which we don’t have anymore which we once had. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have a mind that needed to make itself up. Human nature is strange indeed.

In some places of this wonderful and miserable world for example, either you have to pay to spend time in nature, or some rich bastard owns the property and therefore trespassing could get you shot. Also, the main complaint over here, the ‘constant rain,’ is a blessing compared to places in the world dying of dehydration and post-apocalyptic temperatures. And finally, I rarely feel as if the lush nature is constantly attempting to kill me here (give or take the occasional swarm of mosquitoes). So I’ve decided to fall in love with this remote place once more, and to pay Mother a respectful visit more often than not.

(1) SSB Statens Statistisk Sentralbyrå.  ‘Folkemengde og befolkningsendringar, 1. januar 2016, berekna tal’. Published 2015-12-17. Available from URL: [Accessed 2016-08-16].

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