the process is the artwork

Teenage snakes eat candy and fuck


Meet my new favourite band: hepa-Titus and their kick-ass album ‘Follow me’ (2013, Amphetamine Reptile Records), which, according to the brilliant review by David B. Livingstone, is a “a cavalcade of caterwaul that showcases the musician’s capacity for creating, and propensity to create, towering monoliths of crushing, riff-driven squall encased in a flavorful frosting of hostility, and lovingly drizzled with incoherence. They’re great songs, but none of them sound like they were really written per se; more like they evolved out of damaged musical cells like little audio tumors. (…) I know something about this band, its players and its pedigree. These guys’ve been around the block a bit: They’ve heard about a thousand next big things and a million very important artists come and go, and I doubt they’ve been impressed by any of them. Something inclines me to believe they’re even less impressed with their acolytes, and still less so with any notion of an intersection of music and popularity. This music isn’t about getting girls, gaining fans, or cultivating consideration as artistes: This is about monkeys flinging poo at the inferior humans gaping at them through the bars, while wishing they had grenades to throw instead.” (2)


(1)  ‘Follow Me by hepa-Titus’ Available from URL: [Accessed 2016-08-05].
(2)  ‘HEPA/TITUS Follow Me LP’  Available from URL: [Accessed 2016-08-05].
(3) ‘hepatitus echo 1-4-11’Available from URL: [Accessed 2016-08-05]

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