the process is the artwork

Free online philosophy courses

RFTBAC | school-of-athens-detail-from-right-hand-side-showing-diogenes-on-the-steps-and-euclid-1511

Iconic High Renaissance fresco painting representing Philosophy by Italian painter Raphael: ‘The School of Athens’ (1509-1511), located in the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican.

My solo exhibition this fall has been cancelled, which means that I am currently free to research and acquire more knowledge. The Open Culture blog offers an overview of many free online courses in philosophy from the world’s leading universities: Here they are. Enjoy!


(1)  ‘The School of Athens’ Available from URL: [Accessed 2016-06-27].
(2)  ‘The School of Athens’  Available from URL: [Accessed 2016-06-27].

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