the process is the artwork

Beside The Past By A Lake

Beside The Past By A Lake by Venetian Snares, from Thank You for Your Consideration (2015). “bursts with the explosive strangeness and mathematical focus that defines much of his best work. The album’s intricately programmed drums have the loose feel of much of his mid-2000s aesthetic and Funk’s dynamic time signatures spin like rogue gyroscopes feeding off their own entropy.”(2)

Thank You for Your Consideration‘ on Bandcamp.
Venetian Snares on Bandcaamp.

(1) ‘Thank You for Your Consideration by Venetian Snares’.. Available from URL: [Accessed 2016-06-18].
(2) ‘Ventetian Snares. Thank You for Your Consideration’. Available from URL: [Accessed 2016-06-18].

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