the process is the artwork

‘I’m your book of the month, read the fine print later’

The slightly cheesy [Mike Patton’s front tooth/teeth painted black in the music video for ‘Book of the Month‘ says it all]  Serge-Gainsbourg-&-Jane-Birkin-vs-Portishead/Massive Attack-ish album ‘Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By‘ (Tommy Boy, 2001) by Lovage (Dan the Automator, Mike Patton, Jennifer Charles, Kid Coala, Brandon Arnovick, Daniel Spills, SweetP) (2) ,  is exactly what it promises – a lighthearted yet effective album for lazy summer days well spent in the easy sunny breeze with that special someone accompanied by, let’s imagine, a fresh pineapple+fresh coconut+lime juice+fresh mint and ginger-smoothie, topped with a dash of self-irony.

(1) ‘Lovage. “Book of the Month” (full video)’. Available from URL: [Accessed 2016-06-13].
(2) ‘Lovage (band)’. Available from URL: [Accessed 2016-06-13].
(3) ‘Lovage: Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By.’ Available from URL: [Accessed 2016-06-13].

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