the process is the artwork

Double trouble

RFTBAC | Flooded Paris

The Louvre. Screen Shot from: Artefactory Lab. ‘5:46 am. Paris Underwater’

The recent ‘post-apocalyptic images’ emerging from Paris, as parts of the city lays submerged in water from an overflowing Seine, look incredibly stunning and mysterious – it just shows how reality* beats even the most prophetic of artworks. Or maybe it’s the other way around. They remind me of the piece ‘Flooded McDonald’s‘ (2008) by Danish artist collective Superflex.


(Coincidentally I was supposed to attend the screening of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s latest film ‘Endless Poetry‘ at the Louvre this coming Friday, but cannot because of earthly matters. How I would have loved to experience both a flooded Louvre* and a Jodorowsky movie at the same time. And by that I mean no disrespect to the victims of flooding catastrophes around the world – only that it’s impossible for anyone to comprehend the constructive or destructive effects of things until you’re entirely immersed in them. And maybe then will we start to change.)


*I do not know if these images of Paris by Artefactorylab are actually real. Not that it matters. Real or not, they do speak an iconic truth. Real images and suggestive cutting can create just as truthful spaces for the mind’s eye. Suspension of disbelief or whatever. Wow. Just wow.


 (1) Louisiana Channel. Superflex:  ‘Why We Flooded McDonald’s.’ 2015. Available from URL: [Accessed 2016-06-06].
(2) Artefactorylab. ‘5:46 am. Paris Underwater’. Available from URL: [Accessed 2016-06-06].

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