the process is the artwork

Endless Poetry

I just spent my last savings on this crowdfunding-project to help Alejandro Jodorowsky, aged 87, finish his latest movie Endless Poetry, as backer number 4693One of my dreams has been to meet this amazing artist in person, to appropriate some of his inspiring energy and to finally give something back; a symbolic contribution to the man whose mission has been learning to “think without limits” and a teacher to whom I give credit wanting to open my eyes a little wider every day.

In the book Psychomagic: The Transformative Power of Shamanic Psychotherapy (Jodorowski, 2010: Inner Traditions International) which I’m just about to finish reading for the first time, Jodorowski answers what it means to live like an authentic poet: “In the first place not to fear, to dare to give, to have the audacity to live with true excess.

The crowdfunding is open a couple more weeks, check it out here.

“The person who does not control her territory does not control her existence. If someone is not conscious, she is taken over, not only outwardly but also with the thoughts that assault her. She is very vulnerable to desires and feelings. (…) You don’t have to fall victim to that reality; what you have to do is navigate in it, overcome the winds and sandstorms. Amid the storms at sea and the signs, you must move forward calmly and look toward the port you’re heading for.

In New York, when I was filming The Holy Mountain, I had problems of all sorts. I soaked six or seven T-shirts a night with my sweat. I went to see a Chinese sage that someone had recommended. He was a poet, a great master of tai chi, and a doctor. When he first saw me, he said, “What is your purpose in life?” I was disconcerted and did not answer. He continued, “If you do not tell me what is your purpose in life, I cannot heal you.” So I understood that if a ship crosses the sea without a purpose, it will arrive at no port. What prevents life from devouring us is having a purpose. The higher it is, the further it will carry us.”

– Alejandro Jodorowsky. Psychomagic: The Transformative Power of Shamanic Psychotherapy. 2010. Inner Traditions International, p.244.

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