the process is the artwork

‘Do you happen to have a pair of birds that are… just friendly?’

RFTBAC - Tippi Hedren, crow lighting cigarette on Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. Photo - Philippe Halsman, 1962 - 800px

Tippi Hedren. 1962. Photo: Philippe Halsman.

“That long cultural interaction we’ve had with crows in a negative way has seeped into our modern culture (…) Whenever something bad is going to happen in a movie, you hear a crow call”

– in A Murder of Crows (PBS, 2010)

This image is so cool, it’s actress Tippi Hedren (whose birthday is today) and a nameless crow lighting Tippi’s cigarette on the set of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds (1962). I love crows and ravens, they are highly intelligent animals. Have you seen this snowboarding-crow for instance? In the PBS-documentary A Murder of Crows (available for now on Youtube here and here), biologists and behavioral ecologists demonstrate some of the extraordinary adaptive behavior of these animals. One day I will befriend at least one crow or/and a raven.

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