the process is the artwork

I’ll tell you why the wild babies are still swinging

Isn’t it strange the first time you think of this uhm dream – of the agents of the past changing really fast? Do you hear somebody’s calling, do you feel the ants shoving the hands, who knows if they were hands shoving the ants, sitting on the stairs of youth trying to be cool and smooth and lazy; raging frontiers of pre-steppingworthy/toothy answers? I am referring of course to the era of mankind without internet and google search. There are actually young human beings growing up nowadays who will never know how burdensome it was back in the days when, for instance, one could not tap a few misspelled song lyrics into one’s clairvoyant smartphone browser and seconds later receive millions of relevant answers.

That is unless you try the impossible task of googling the lyrics for ‘Jail House Frog,’ from the album ‘Wolf City‘ by Amon Düül II (United Artists Records, 1972), which yields zero results. Maybe it’s just as well to let it remain cloaked in seventies progrock-mystery. Enjoy.


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