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Decommissioned naval base ‘Olavsvern’ will open to the public for the first time.

A quick google-search will give you a general idea on the amazing whereabouts of the upcoming exhibition ‘Nothing Will Grow Together Because nothing Belongs Together,” near the arctic city of Tromsø in Northern Norway at the former naval base ‘Olavsvern‘. I am thrilled to participate in this project.

ELLENRINGSTAD_KURANT_ Nothing_Will_Grow_Together_Because_Nothing_Belongs_Together

As a means to protect Norway from a possible invasion from the Soviet Union during The Cold War, NATO and the Norwegian Ministry of Defense constructed the submarine base in the 50s and 60s, and the base was in full operational use from 1967.

The construction is massive: 25.000m2 of tunnels, numerous halls for storing ammunition, a control room, and a submarine dock. Due to regulations the base was demilitarized in 2009, and put up for sale two years later. 


The base is literally a labyrinth with tunnels and rooms that makes it very easy to get lost if wandering around without directions. As an analogue to the brain, the base itself could be a symbol of the human mind and psyche. The element of control is clearly present as the base was built first and foremost as an organ of control. A naval base is an imposing structure, concrete and steel. Its task is to provide security, and its operation demands a regiment of rules. However, its function would always be a reflection of those who keep it, the sum total of the exercise of the freedom of the men and women behind its walls, under the auspices of internalized military authority (…) Freedom and control are not antithetical, nor is their relationship as simple as two definitions, which can be easily deconstructed and shown as interdependent linguistic structures.

(excerpts from curatorial text by KURANT, 2015)

'Nothing Will Grow Together Because Nothing Belongs Together'-curators Camilla Fagerli / Maria Danielsen being interviewed by iTromsø earlier this year.

Curators Camilla Fagerli and Maria Danielsen / KURANT being interviewed by iTromsø earlier this year.

Tickets for the opening happening September 5th are now available through this link. Included is a fare with the boat from Tromsø, entrance to the exhibition, entrance to the opening party- and a return ticket to Tromsø.

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