the process is the artwork

‘You can’t make your mark living the life of a shameless, pathetic idiot.’

Postman Blues (SABU, 1997)

Postman Blues (SABU, 1997)

“There’s nothing that I don’t like. Everything’s important to me. When I first heard of my illness I was in really bad shape. I just brooded about myself …and tought of ending it. So I came up here to kill myself. Then I thought…I want a bowl of noodles. No, I shouldn’t be thinking about noodles when I’m about to kill myself. I tried but couldn’t get it out of my head. Then I figured I should have some noodles first. I ran out of the hospital to get some noodles. I was sweating a lot and ate sniffling away. Two bowls. As long as you’re alive you’ll always get stuck somewhere and make mistakes. But isn’t that proof that you’re moving forward? It’s better than standing still and doing nothing. The preset is important to me. I don’t have to think about the past or future. The past no longer exists…and the future has yet to exist. And I cannot make any promises for tomorrow. I don’t puff off ’till tomorrow anything I can do right now.

Sayoko in ‘Postman Blues‘ (SABU,1997)

Just found a recently uploaded file of ‘cult director’ SABUs charming ‘Postman Blues‘ (1997) on Youtube, with english subtitles. “A funny, clever and ultimately touching yarn of an ordinary postman caught up by chance in a web of crime and violence (…) In “Postman” the violent flourishes are highly contained, the offbeat characters succinctly drawn, and the plot — a typical Sabu concoction of chance and coincidence reshaping people’s lives — always the central engine of the movie (…) Sabu keeps a tight rein on the absurdities, mostly shooting in a very classic , composed style and drawing wonderfully downbeat playing from his cast as the misunderstandings mount. Flavoring the brew, and making the pic much more than just a black comedy of errors, are a multitude of observations and swipes at the Japanese mind-set” (ref: Derek Elley / Variety.) Hurry up before it gets removed.

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