the process is the artwork

The worm has turned

Thursday you sit in your room with the lights turned out
And you don’t answer the door
Friday morning looks sunny and bright
Like it’s going to be a good day
Time is on your side, you’re young
Don’t waste your time today

– Faith No More, ‘As the Worm Turns‘ (‘We Care A Lot‘, Mordam: 1985)

Good morning! ‘As the Worm Turns‘ by Faith No More – with its emblematic 80s riff and heavy drum beats –  jumpstarts this Friday morning. I need some FU-attitude flavored fuel to blast this aggressive summer cold out of my system. But enough about me!

There are (at least) two album versions of this song, one with Chuck Mosley (who wrote the lyrics and was later fired from the band in 1988), and the other with replacement vocalist Mike Patton (who has been a member ever since). Now, IMO Patton is one of the most talented vocalists of our time so his version is bound to be much more dynamic than Mosley’s, who has been criticized for being “often off-key, fairly monotonous, and colorless” (ref). I haven’t pried too much into the details about the FNM/Mosley breakup, except for this wiki-fact: “his departure made quite a stir, when he sued the band for publishing rights.” However 1988 was many haircuts ago and if there was ever bad blood between them, a new leaf has been turned over as Mosley appeared side by side with Patton on the FNM Second Coming Tour in 2010. There is nothing more cathartic than happy reunions and even though Mosley still sings off-key, the vibe is so…warmhearted! I’m a sucker for happy reunions. I’ve also googled three live versions with Patton if you’re slightly compulsive (1 (at Amoeba Music in 2014)2 (Live at the Brixton Academy in 1990)3 (Pro Shot Alive, Lisboa in 2010)) , in which the sound isn’t very good but his intense on-stage charisma adds to the song (as usual).

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