the process is the artwork

Dip into the sugar bowl

Get back in your cage
Ain’t no grave going to hold this body down

– Faith No More: Superhero (Sol Invictus, 2015)

RFTBAC_Faith No More_Sol Invictus 2

As mentioned before, Faith No More released their seventh album this year, Sol Invictus (Reclamation Records, 2015) – latin for Unconquered Sun – their first album in eighteen years.

” “Hypnotic and gothic, we’re coming back to where we were with our first album,” the bassist [Bill Gould] offered, citing Siouxsie and the Banshees and Roxy Music as early influences. “Then Patton’s being Patton, crooning, screaming, with a bit of soul underneath it all. We’ve always taken strange influences and smashed them together.” ” (ref Rolling Stone).

“Distance and time do not make the heart grow fonder, and two decades haven’t softened Patton’s coal-black heart. He’s pissed off and proud of it, picking fights with just about anyone and anything. (…)” (ref Pitchfork)

“Sol Invictus is their best and most compelling work since Angel Dust, and the rare reunion album that truly adds to the strength of the group’s legacy rather than diluting it.” (ref Allmusic).

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