the process is the artwork

‘Go on mortals, fill yourselves with dreams’


Encolpio: Ascilto… what does the poet say? Each moment presented may be your last, so fill it up until you vomit… or something such?

– Fellini – Satyricon (1969)

“I’m a poet. You might ask, “Why are you dressed so poorly?” Precisely the point… A passion for art never made anyone rich. I don’t know why, but poverty is always a sister to genius. My name is Eumolpheus. The masterpieces yo see in this gallery confirm our current lack of energy. Today no one would know how to paint like this. So what brought you to this sad state? The desire for money! Once upon a time, man’s ideal was virtue, pure and simple. That’s why the liberal arts flourished. Exodus grew old on a mountain studying the movement of the planets. Lysippus kept drawing the same model his whole life…and died of hunger. But we, with our drinking and whoring…don’t even know the masterpieces that exist now. What about dialectical discussion? What happened to astronomy? Where is philosphy that once led the way for us? Don’t be surprised that the art of painting is dead…when now we find more beauty in a pot of gold…than in the works of Apelles or Phydias.”

– Fellini – Satyricon (1969).

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