the process is the artwork

The Bug vs Earth

Cut n’paste music recommendation of the day: The Bug vs Earth Boa / Cold (2014, Ninja Tune).

The Bug and Earth… “have been exploring and distorting their respective genres for 20 plus years. In that time they’ve both defined and redefined what “heavy”means by pushing the boundaries of beautiful/ugly and minimalist/maximalist music. Two uncompromising outsiders meeting at last” (ref.)

Boa/Cold, named without any kind of pretense after the two-sides of this limited release, is the result of their collaboration, and the result is nothing less than an evolution of Earth’s natural style. The same steel-guitar drones and deliberate pace are still there, the band’s love for fading and slowly layering as pronounced as ever, but now there’s a distinct sound of something industrial underriding all of this” (ref).

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