the process is the artwork

“A step down”

Screenshot of a Distorted Lars Von Trier. Interview in: Politiken: Von Trier: Who the Hell Cares about Rolling Stones without Booze and Jimi Hendrix without Heroin?

Screenshot of a distorted Lars Von Trier, courtesy of my slow mac. Interview in: Politiken 30.11.14: Von Trier: Who the Hell Cares about Rolling Stones without Booze and Jimi Hendrix without Heroin?

This weekend Lars von Trier gave his first interview in more than three years to the Danish newspaper Politiken. In this short snippet, Von Trier touches upon the subjects of freedom of speech, drugs as key elements in the creative process and his “vague attempt” to sober up.

“It’s humiliating to not have a voice and all I really want is to be allowed to talk like everybody else and make a fool of myself and say the wrong things. I want to have the right to keep doing that. You know, one has one’s ideals (…) One of my ideals is the freedom to speak.”

“The most annoying part is that I’ve suddenly had to submit myself to the conditions of life which are that you can’t survive drinking such crazy amounts. That’s why I’m making a vague attempt to survive and that entails that I stop drinking. I don’t feel that it’s working. I thought it would give me a huge epiphany and a new spark or whatever, but it hasn’t. You retreat to a lesser post when you begin to put away the intoxicants. (…) Of course, you use the intoxication in the act of creating. That’s obvious. So in a way, it’s a step down. (…) Who the hell cares about Rolling Stones when you don’t have a sense that they’ve just emptied a bottle of Jack Daniels? (…) Or Jimi Hendrix without heroin or whatever he was on (…) because we want their special approach through something mysterious, which is still connected to various intoxicants, right? (…) I think it’s really dreary to be sober.”

– Lars Von Trier

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