the process is the artwork

Get infected, Be the Cure

Robert B. Lisek

Robert B. Lisek

PIKSEL 14 be\O/art, 13-16 nov, Bergen.

“Enter the BioNet launches us into the future in a science-fiction scenario in which the Net, the Internet of our time, has collapsed. The Genom Corp has taken human body hostage to initiate BioNet, a network made up of red blood micro-computing cells (erythrocytes) activated to recondition desires. We are infected. We are the virus.”

Thus begins the description of UKI project by artist Shu Lea Cheang, an interactive installation in which infection is the way to get into the game: if you wanna play, you gotta get infected.

Understanding virus as a new form of control and conditioning, urgently pushed by the media and encouraged by big corporations, makes us question the real objective of the disease. In this increasingly complex system we want to give control to art: art as an infection and PIKSEL as the lab to spread the virus.

PIKSEL is an annual festival for artists and developers working with free and open source software, hardware and art. This November the festival will be arranged for the 12th time, gathering more than fifty international artists from Indonesia, Canada, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Great Britain, Norway, Spain, Russia, Poland and Austria for exhibitions, workshops, discussions and presentations, in addition to live performances and concerts in the evenings, all dealing with the body, biology and science. This year’s edition introduces open workshops, such as the PIKSTERIALAB, a platform for artistic research, exchange and development. PIKSEL14 – be\O/art encourages experimentation and free research on biological material “to echo complex symbiotic relationships between animals, plants, environments and objects” (1).

Like a Blade Runner scenario, art combines mathematical models and biological reproduction to create new DIY beings. Looking for new decision trees, art mixes science and life to compose new evolutive changes that can improve our visions and models beyond the main cultural programming.

Get infected, be the cure, be\O/art.

(1) The Temporary Archive of Ambiguous Architectures, Kelly Jaclynn Andres.



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