the process is the artwork

I now declare this Temple closed


Me, performing a circuit ritual last night  in front of UNTITLED* before taking down the exhibition KUKLOS – Border 1.0 (a duo-collaboration with Rasmus Hungnes).

KUKLOS (greek: circle, cycle, wheel) – Border 1.0 performs a ritualistic round dance tailored to the artist run project space Galleri Split in Bergen, Norway, encompassing phenomenon including, but not limited to, dualism, splitting up. splicing together, sexuality, chaos and order. The exhibition will be reincarnated somewhere else, sometime soon.


KUKLOS – Border 1.0
Galleri Split, Bergen.

Untitled (Janus). 2014. Plaster sculpture, multicolored light bulb, digital print, MDF, wood.

Background, left:
UNTITLED* (2014). 2014. Digital collage on PVC, ropes, defect fluorescent light tubes.

Background, right:
Jackpot / Jack Shit. 2014. Printed digital collages, frames.

* (Chaosphere)

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