the process is the artwork

In the center of the fire: Invocation

“What invocation really is, is elevating one’s consciousness to the divine, to becoming one with an archetype (…) Pan is (…) a very complex archetype. On one level, he’s considered the head of the nature gods, (…) the spirit of raw nature (…) He’s the sap in the trees, the life force itself rising, rising, rising, ever-expanding, going even higher. (…) he’s the ever-present totality of existence. And by Crowley’s definition that every idea is balanced by its opposite, he would also be the totality of non-existence (…) Pan is also the root of the word panic, because that fear of dissolution, the fear of the mania, and the enthusiasm and at the same time the loss of the self (…) is something that is very frightening to the ego, it seeks to hold itself in some kind of coherence and Pan is this explosion and ecstasy”

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