the process is the artwork

Technocalypse now!

“I invented this word “technocalyps” to describe what seemed to me a process that I could observe around me, technocalypse meaning the convergence of two seemingly unrelated things: the Apocalyptic imagination, which has been around for centuries, and the rise of modern technology. The connection seems to be this: the apocalyptic imagination is based on one fundamental idea, that is, that human life on earth, and earth itself – all of existence – is going to be transformed through the influence of a divine intervention. Now, that idea seems to be deeply rooted in human consciousness. But what is interesting is that we now have the technology to translate some of those fundamental dreams, those visions of the human species into reality. The difference of course is that it is we, human beings, who are transforming the earth and transforming ourselves. That’s the surprise of history – that a vision that began as a prophetic and religious vision now seems to be in the process of being appropriated by humanity itself, and that convergence is what I mean by “Technocalyps.”

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