the process is the artwork

“I trust the things themselves”

“Memory doesn’t form when we’re first born, but rather it comes from further back. It has stored fundamental experiences, fundamental, existential orientations that have been gathered over thousands of years (…) You have to allow time for these memories to emerge – like an angler who sits there quietly and waits until something bites. The details come slowly, bit by bit, back into consciousness (…)”

“I’m no symbolist, and also no allegorist. That would be academic, like how Rubens worked. He mastered the entire canon of allegories and copied them in a scholarly manner. I trust the things themselves.”

– Anselm Kiefer in Christian Kämmerling and Peter Pursche: “At Night I Ride my Bike from Painting to Painting” A Studio Conversation with Anselm Kiefer about His Work and His World Outlook. in Germano Celant:. 2011. Anselm Kiefer. Salt of the Earth. p. 141. Milano: Skira Eitore S.p.A.

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