the process is the artwork

“In either case, there is no escape”

“This sombre vision reflects a fatalism which postulates the inevitability of annihilation and calls into question the effectiveness of the artist’s own endeavour to formulate alternatives. Just as Breker, Kreis, Speer and the rest created their showpiece settings in order to cast an aura of sublimity on a political system hell-bent for annihilation, so one is led to conclude that the contemporary artist is in a position to produce only images which show catastrophe as inevitable, while unmasking all allusions to concrete reality as delusory. Where his predecessors cast a veil over the impeding catastrophe, the present-day artist has the imagination to see it coming but has no way out to show. In either case, there is no escape»

In Anselm Kiefer – The High Priestess. Armin Zweite: “The High Priestess – Observations on a Sculpture by Anselm Kiefer.” pp. 71. New York: Harry N. Abrams, Inc., Publishers.

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