the process is the artwork

Tonight the stars shine favourably over the gallow’s hill

“Well, Rasmus the executioner!
Let now the evil witch’s body sting.
Let her catch her breath, Rasmus the executioner,
and loosen the screw a little at a time, as she confesses her sins”


The silent film “Häksan” (trans: The Witches – Witchcraft through the Ages) from 1922 was recommended to me by my dear friend Rasmus, the co-curator of Potsyd (not coincidentally located underneath Gallow’s Hill (Galgebakken), Bergen).

The Witches was based on director Bejnamin Christensen’s study of the treatise on the prosecution of Witches Malleus Maleficarum (trans: The Hammer of Witches) (ref), published in 1487. Christensen demonstrates the superstitious inquisition and bestial treatment of suspected “witches” during the middle-ages by religious authorities. The film was heavily censored at the time for its graphic “depictions of torture, nudity and sexual perversion” (ref).

RFTBAC_Häksan_The_Withes_Still01 RFTBAC_Häksan_The_Withes_Still02

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