the process is the artwork

Site anatomy: pOTSYd


Ellen Ringstad and Rasmus Andreas Hungnes will introduce the themes and concepts that have driven them to curate, and also to exhibit in the exhibition pOTSYd, situated in a old bunker under Nordnes, Bergen. The talk will also cover the individual works, their experiences and the consequences arranging and exhibiting in a site pre loaded with aesthetics and atmosphere. Followed by questions and discussions.

This talk is arranged as part of Site Anatomy, a reading, lecture and discussion group that focuses on site specific practices and related themes. This lecture is open and welcomes others not signed up for the course.

At least part of this talk will be based on site, so dress warm, it might be chilly.

Rasmus Andreas Hungnes and Ellen Ringstad
Friday 11. Oct. kl. 13:00 – 15:30
on site at pOTSYD, Nykirkeallmenningen entrance.
Arr: Corrina Thornton
Language: English

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