the process is the artwork

Power down. Power up. Power forward.

I just received this video from my friend and colleague Rasmus. It’s the story of a man called Dave, a creative writer who lives inside the iconic Astor Place Cube (or Alamo) in New York City where he seeks refuge from the stressful New York-life.
Ahhh. How tempting!

Ok – watch the clip and then continue reading (NB! Contains Spoilers!).

Now look again if you swallowed the illusion wholeheartedly…the magic of this clip lies in your suspension of disbelief. unfortunately it’s an advertising campaign for (what seems to be) a meditation technique called Whil and a “way of life”, but that doesn’t matter. It’s an interesting and playful case of subliminal messaging in marketing – a powerful tool – and it really does transport the imagination down, up and forward like the sticker says – or in my case backwards, to my pre-art life of devious market strategic planning. At least it’s for a good cause, eh?

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