the process is the artwork


Soothsayer from the album The Bedlam in Goliath (2008) by The Mars Volta on Gold Standard Laboratories / Universal Motown Records. According to Wikipedia, the sound engineer who quit during the production of the album due to a nervous breakdown, told guitarist/songwriter Omar Rodriguez-Lopez: “I’m not going to help you make this record. You’re trying to do something very bad with this record, you’re trying to make me crazy and you’re trying to make people crazy.” The song Soothsayer contains field recordings that Omar recorded in Jerusalem. The recordings are a mixture from the Jewish quarter, the Muslim Quarter and the Christian Quarter (ref).

(PS: Crappy compressed sound quality on Youtube – so you should definitely look for this one elsewhere)

My love becomes a mange dyeing autumn in its leaves
When it broke me in the branch where my antlers come to feed
And I swam a hundred days in the bosom of this filth
Carry on this drought as I tighten this belt

This deceit has no arms
Bended will take what’s yours
This deceit has no arms
Bended will take what’s yours
Calling me
She’s calling me
This it may have come to falter
We have become these pleads

In a field of balding marble where the medicine awaits
The hourglass pokes at the ribs of my cage
At half rations I’m finished
At half rations the minutes
All that happens was given
Coil and embrace

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