the process is the artwork

“A tsunami of sound”

Here’s a week-end treat for you: Philm‘s 2012 debut album Harmonic (on Ipecac, where else?).  The trio consist of the eminent drummer Dave Lombardo (Slayer/Fantômas and more), bassist Pancho Tomaselli and singer/guitarist Gerry Nestler.  Like so many interesting bands of our times, it fuses different genres and “satisfies the palate of the most vexed of neo-psychedelia fans” (according to their Facebook-page).

“I like drummers that contribute to the band rather than just the time keeper. It takes style and character to add to the music, with drums (…)

There’s a lot of metal bands (and) bands in general (saying) “oh we don’t sell out, we don’t create mainstream music.” But really, technically, a lot of metal bands follow the metal format and that in a way is kind of a mainstream within its own genre. So you step out of that and create something that has very small genre. I mean not genre; very small fan base, and then exploring those ideas in the avant-garde side of music. I mean, that takes a lot of guts and a lot of creativity and a lot of work (…)

I play in one of the greatest thrash metal bands, Slayer. I don’t need to put together another metal band. So I am playing a four-piece drum set similar to John Bonham and Mitch Mitchell and a lot of cymbals. No double pedal or double-bass, it’s just straight single bass (…) Yeah, I mean, you’re limiting yourself so you really have to think twice about where you’re going on that kit before you actually do it. You have to really focus your ideas and get creative with what little you have. So it’s good for a musician to strip down (…)

I like longevity and a true musician never abandons his art.”

– Dave Lombardo in a Geeks of Doom-interview.

Harmonic can be found on Youtube for now – but please support the artists financially in any way you can to keep Philm’s (tour)wheels turning. The album can be purchased on Amazon.

Title reference: Pancho Tomaselli in

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