the process is the artwork

POTSYD – Art exhibition in Bergen’s literal underground


Greetings! – and welcome to these magnificent bowels of Bergen, where slow drippings from immature stalactites keep the corridors lubricated even on rare cloudless days deprived of local precipitation.
Tracing the distant echo of Holberg’s Niels Klim’s underground travels (1741) – the first Scandinavian sci-fi-novel, depicting the fabled travels of Niels Klim, distinguished Baccalaureus, who accidentally plummets into a cave on top of the towering giant watching tirelessly over our humble town, Mount Fløyen, serendipitously discovering the utopian state of Potu – a group of artists hope to rediscover this golden land of opportunity and adventure. Along their long and tiresome journey they stumble upon a bomb shelter lying underneath the Holberg-berg (as named by certain locals – Holberget to be more natively tongued) and acquiesce to the dystopian state of Potsyd instead.

The exhibition will be open throughout the duration of the International triennial Bergen AssemblyWhilst the triennial claims to focus on research, POTSYD claims to focus on exploration. Its ten artists, unafraid to get dirt under their fingernails, are: Anja Carr, Thomas Pihl, Gabriel Kvendseth, Veronica Rebecca Johansen, Eric Wangel, Jonas Ib F. H. Jensen, Bjørn Mortensen, Øyvind Mellbye, Ellen Ringstad and Rasmus Hungnes.

The exhibition is supported by the Municipality of Bergen, The Relief Fund for Visual Arts, BKK and Scanner Grafisk.


Opening reception on August 29th at 8pm.
Press-preview on August 29that 12am – 6pm and upon appointment.
 Opening hours and directions will be announced on
We will be happy to answer any questions on

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