the process is the artwork

In situ

Ian Svenonius: «How did you maintain the relationship [with drummer Dale Crover] for so long?»
Buzz Osborne: «What’s the word? Trust and understanding? I don’t trust him, he doesn’t understand me…Haha. I like to say stuff like that. None of it is true…» (ref)

For some strange reason, which might not be so strange after all, I have been absorbed in the dynamics of the interview situation.

“Interview objects” regularly suffer the disadvantage of inadequate reporters, who are possibly more interested in the «scoop» itself rather than the content. Or…I don’t know, maybe they’re just nervous, unfocused, or simply blame bad chemistry. Anyways… Some people respond aggressively, i.e Klaus Kinsky in my last post but others, such as Buzz Osborne (aka King Buzzo) of the band Melvins, are blessed with certain skills that turn the situation around. More on that later.

Last night I dreamt that I was given five precious minutes to interview one of my favourite artists, who, on top of everything, hates interviews, but when I finally got the chance to talk to him…I froze, self-aware that I was utterly inadequate for the task at hand, the problem being my high expectations regarding this person and nothing worthwhile to offer in return (or so I felt). Besides, my questions had probably been asked a million times before. What a waste of  time, I realized. How could this possibly be a beneficial relationship to either one of us? A relationship, even a short-term one, depends on communication = the exchange/sharing of thoughts. I then told my mental manifestation of this mystery artist to please accept my apology for having nothing interesting to ask or anything original to tell, and I left. I regretted the failed interview all night and day, even after I woke up and came to my senses. The failure was clearly a consequence of my fear of failure.

Any relationship requires some “warming-up.” Neither “subject” nor “object” are perfect – there must be time for trial, error and adjustments. «No questions are stupid» they say. But seriously…there are numerous stupid questions to be asked, and by asking, your ignorance might be painfully revealed and mess up your ego. But is that such a bad thing? Even the most knowledgeable person on this planet has blank spots. If you’re brave enough to admit your ignorance, then maybe you are up for learning and listening. Perhaps? Maybe? Who knows? It’s all just a silly dream anyhow. And, coincidentally, to quote Mr. Mike Patton:

“I’m never friends with journalists. Those are people you don’t want in your life as an artist (…) I’m not trying to be a tough guy or anything, I’m just saying…normally…the more you talk about your music, the more harm it does (,,,) I’d rather say “Hey, listen to the fucking record and shut the fuck up” And yes, it’s a little harsh, but the older I get, the less I want to say”
– Mike Patton (ref)

But let’s get back to Youtube-reality, shall we? I really enjoy Buzz Osborne’s playful tone and laid-back attitude in this particular interview.

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