the process is the artwork

I’m a good rider but on a horse

I’m on the look for Werner Herzog‘s documentary My Best Fiend Klaus Kinski (1999). While searching I came across this emotional outburst by Kinski in reaction to “stupid questions” by a journalist. It’s quite…liberating to watch. Maybe because I have a Kinski deeply repressed under layers of polite “good girl” mannerisms. Kinski’s reaction is harsh but personal. It requires great strength (or madness) to be personal in public. Journalists have a tendency to press on until you find yourself stuck in a corner. So…who’s really the aggressor?

“I did something different before, so what, who says I won’t continue with what I’m doing now?”

Quoting the New Testament “Even whores and convicts are better than some God-fearing citizens who can’t forgive”

“I’m a good rider but on a horse”

“You can’t just interrupt me, do you want me to answer or not? (…) You ask stupid questions and don’t know that you should give yourself the answers you want from me”

Here’s the trailer to the documentary by Herzog:

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