the process is the artwork

Precrime and Thoughtcrime today

(…) Anderton said: “You’re acquainted with the theory of precrime, of course. I presume we can take that for granted.”

“I have the information publicly available,” Witwer replied. “With the aid of your young precog mutants, you’ve boldly and successfully abolished the post-crime punitive system of jails and fines. As we all realize, punishment was never much of a deterrent, and could scarcely have afforded comfort to a victim already dead.”

They had come to the descent lift. As it carried them swiftly downward, Anderton said: “You’ve probably grasped the basic legalistic drawback to precrime methodology. We’re taking in individuals who have broken no law.”

“But they surely will,” Witwer affirmed with conviction.

“Happily they don’t – because we get them first, before they can commit an act of violence. So the commission of the crime itself is absolute metaphysics. We claim they’re culpable. They, on the other hand, eternally claim they’re innocent. And, in a sence, they are innocent.”

– Philip K. Dick, The Minority Report in Selected Stories of Philip K. Dick.

Here’s an article reporting a Texas teen making a “violent joke” and as a result is jailed, facing a 8-year prison sentence. Or what about this article on how there will be no more Edward Snowdens in the future to alert us about NSA-type revelations, as surveillance is fast becoming automated.

I once learnt that one of the longest words in French is anticonstitutionellement. It means anti-constitutionally aka against the constitution. And that brings me to the scary state of current affairs in the U.S in view of recent events. “Unfreedom of Speech” is at war against the First Amendment in the Unites States Constitution. The dystopian future is present. Allies of freedom must mobilize against the dangerous foe that threatens the freedom to think and speak freely without risk of criminalization.

Thoughtcrime does not entail death, thoughtcrime is death

– George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four

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