the process is the artwork

Let there be darkness

Photo: Dan Dorocic

Photo: Dan Dorocic /

So…this is me and (one of the two) curator(s) Alison Hugill (the other curator being the photographer), checking out “my” space for the exhibition Future Ruins, which opens next Monday. Yikes! Looking forward to it. Here’s a teaser about my work:

“Ellen Ringstad’s site-specific installation “Discontinue” deals directly with her perceptions of the silo space. She prefers impure, ruinous sites to the neutrality of the white cube. Her melancholic works deal with dystopia, paradox, and “the absurdity  of the human condition” – a term coined by the existentialist Albert  Camus, referring to the human tendency to search for inherent meaning in  life and his or her inability to find any.”

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