the process is the artwork

We’re not afraid to get our hands dirty. You can wash hands.

Quote from the charming documentary “The Gleaners and I” (2000) by Agnes Varda.
Here are the first four minutes and thirty-five seconds:

«The media and contemporary life put great emphasis on truth and reporting and authentic documents. Even the style of photographs these days has changed (…) the news has changed. There’s more importance given to «real things». It corresponds to a two-part movement. One part is conceptualizing and ordening the world, and the other is accepting the world as it is. Those things together shape the visual arts. (…) But I don’t think you can catch people’s attention with normalcy. Seeing the same world through the eyes of a healthy married woman with three kids might be interesting, but it doesn’t catch people’s attention. I think the mechanism of shock triggers a more acute sensitivity. You have to put people in a certain frame of mind. I think a filmmaker has to be shrewd. Not in a bad way (…) but in terms of sensitivity, being shrewd means putting people in the right frame of mind. Then you can tell them, «come with me on a journey…»
– Agnes Varda


Sources: Interview: Agnes Varda. Available from Youtube URL: [Downloaded 2013.05.12].

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