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See, the sun is sinking

Piano Trio nr.2 in E flat Major D.929 op. 100 – 2. Andante con moto was one of Schubert’s last compositions. It is supposedly based on a swedish folk song called “Se solen sjunker” (See, the sun is sinking). Schubert died at the age of 31. My age in fact.

The Piano Trio is one of the central musical themes in Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece Barry Lyndon (1975). Trivia: In the candle-light seduction scene below, no electronic lighting was used (as for all the other candle-light scenes in the movie) (Ref).

In Michael Haneke’s The Piano Teacher (2001), the piece is played as we are first introduced to the secret “deviant” sexual fantasies of Erika Kohut, a piano teacher living with a domineering mother. The movie is based on the book by Nobel Price Laureate Elfriede Jellinek. “The mother personifies Jellinek’s perception of her native Austria as a country that deceptively and perversely encourages racist/fascist (or at least authoritarian) behavior, sexual and emotional repression, and, let’s say, übermensch ideals which are impossible to keep today without the danger of a mental breakdown.” (Ref)

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