the process is the artwork


Colourful knots washed ashore. Pattaya, Thailand, 2012.

Thailand is an exciting country with a lot to offer: hot climate, sexy nightlife, exotic food, beautiful nature, radiant culture and welcoming people. This is the place to be an utter hedonist and spend all your savings according to preference. I observe through my selective glasses since I am here on a study trip, and although it would be unfair to focus only on certain aspects, my first impression of Pattaya’s coastline, renowned for its prostitution district, is this: it has been invaded by rude Russian tourists and towering clusters of waste like something straight out of my portfolio. Judging from people’s facial expressions I quickly understand that out of the many strange pastimes in Pattaya, snapshotting waste and electricity wires must be the weirdest of them all.

Electrician’s wet dream: entangled electricity wires.

Even more peculiar I think, is to witness how owners pick out pieces of rope from the propeller of their stranded boats, only to throw the stubs straight into the sea again. I shake my head internally so I don’t offend anyone and simply collect more impressions and inspiration for future reference. I also enjoy a boat trip to a nearby Island, hypnotized by the ghostly plastic bags floating about like dead jellyfish. It’s actually quite pretty, if you isolate the material from its environmental context. By the way – did you ever wonder where it all ends up eventually, if not on the beaches or in boat propellers? – Then take a look at the TED-talk below.

A slight paradox

When I return to write this text, I buy an internet card with an Anti Plastic Bags commercial on it, but to activate it I must first open the little plastic bag that seals the card. I would probably be helping the environment more if I didn’t write this text, but the world is full of paradoxes, and plastic is a practical, waterproof and sensual material.

4 responses

  1. No matter where you go eh,.. you take pictures of all the crap.. It’s maybe more interesting than the stars, the architecure or a random museum?
    From my last time I escaped my house.

    Nice wire photo btw.

    November 3, 2012 at 1:14 am

    • Well, haha, you know, there are so many tourist pictures of all the pretty stuff, and the crap is very pretty in its own right. Love, E.

      November 3, 2012 at 4:32 pm

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