the process is the artwork

They must hate my guts, hey?

Chopper is a must-see movie, really. Absurdly charming, and deeply tragic underneath the humorous (and violent) narrative, based on the book From the Inside by legendary criminal Mark Brandon “Chopper” Read, who wrote a best-selling novel while serving a jail-sentence. Directed by Andrew Dominic.

“What about those poor bloody academic sods? College graduates, battling their guts out to write some airy, fairy piece of exaggerated art work? And here’s a bloke sitting in a cell who can’t spell and he’s written a best-seller. It sold 250,000 copies. And it’s still selling. And he’s writing another one. And I can’t even spell. I’m semi-bloody illiterate. They must hate my guts, hey?”

“I don’t want to put shit on myself, right? But the shooting of Sammy the Turk at Bojangles night club was the most shitpot bloody non-event murder case in Australian criminal history. But for some reason, I get all these bloody letters from all over the world and photos where all these crackpots have gone down and taken photos of themselves. I got a letter here from the Sheriff of Sparks County, Nevada, wishing I was there. And have a look, for some reason they go down and take photos, bloody South African backpackers, bloody funny-looking homosexual – how’d he end up in there? Jesus. Housewives. These bloody nitwits. These young criminal wannabes. Spunky ladies with lingerie. I guess it’s a case of the old chop-chop doing his bit for tourism Victoria, you know?”



Chopper, transcript. Available from URL Dowloaded [2012-09-19] 

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