the process is the artwork


Everyone has their own…math

More Mike Patton and Fantômas. Full live-concert on Youtube, recorded at Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland, 2005. Hurry up and watch this musical treat before it’s taken off the internet!

If music is dying, musicians are killing it. Composers are the ones decomposing it. We are as responsible as anyone (…). We lash out at “The Industry”, blaming things like corporate structure for our shitty music–but we are the ones making it. We open the box they’ve given us and jump in, wrap ourselves up, and even lick the stamp.

– Mike Patton, How We Eat Our Young (1)


“It’s our responsibility as musicians to keep [music] fresh, to keep it interesting, and for the most part, musicians don’t. I think they’re very willing to conform to whatever is cool, and whatever makes money (…) By making it a business, it’s not doing anybody any favors (…) Look, I make a living from this…maybe I’m a fucking hypocrite…but what I’m saying is…business should rarely affect the art that you’re creating.” – Mike Patton (2)

“I would say that it’s very basic…it’s instinctive and not much else” – Mike Patton on the creative process) (2)

“I’m never friends with journalists. Those are people you don’t want in your life as an artist…Normally, the more you talk about your music, the more harm it does” – Mike Patton (2)



(1) “How we eat our young” by Mike Patton, can be found spread out on the internet, for instance from URL [Downloaded 2012-08-12].  The original text seems to have been published in: Zorn, John. 2000. Arcana: Musicians on Music. Granary Books (Available on, if you’re interested.

(2) Transcribed from interview with Mike Patton, 2011, Available from URL [Downloaded 2012-08-12].

Note: The title of this post is taken from the following Mike-Patton Interview, on the subject of the creative process. URL [Downloaded 2012-08-12].

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