the process is the artwork

Trust your work

I had an interesting talk in my studio recently with art historian and critic Jan Verwoert, about certain aspects of my artistic practice. I’ve been questioning my efforts to mount, remount, deconstruct, reconstruct, document, understand, talk/write about what I do. I feel something unresolved, an itch I cannot scratch. The white plastic sculptures/installations I’ve been working on lately for example, which give the illusion of organic growth, are still that – illusions. Verwoert compared me to the puppeteer who manipulates an inanimate object, giving it the illusion of life. For some reason, that reminded me of a performance by Philippe Genty, where the puppet he controls casts off his own strings in an existential struggle between the puppet and the puppeteer, the artist and the art. Maybe my artworks struggle for their own independence and reason to exist, disconnected from me. I should allow my work to speak for itself perhaps, even if it results in its own collapse. Or, as Verwoert said reassuringly: «Trust your work».

Here’s the Philippe Genty play, by the way, from youtube:

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