the process is the artwork

2011 Sofia Paper Art Biennial

My mother (the woman on the right with the red scarf) and I (second from the right) arrived in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, on monday for the Sofia International Paper Art Biennial and were warmly received by the organisers of the event, Todor Todorov (second from the left) and Daniela Todorova (not in the picture). On the left is a Stockholm-based Korean artist.

We will stay until friday, May 6th, heading to Charmey in Switzerland to attend the opening of the Triennale Internationale du Papier where I’ll show another sculpture.

Until then, we are enjoying the various exhibitions and events from the Paper Art Fest. These images were taken at the official opening of the event at the Sofia City Art gallery, in front of works by Helene Tschacher who is also the president of IAPMA (International Association of Hand Paper Makers and Paper Artists).

Travelling abroad to exhibtit is an excellent oportunity to meet others, for instance New-York based Korean artists Han Ho and Jinwon Chang.

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