the process is the artwork

Did you catch a cold?

Catch a Cold Open” is the first exhibition ever to be hosted at Premiss.

Premiss is an experimental, artist-driven, non-profit, ‘non-gallery’, right below a white-cube gallery managed by Tag Team Studios, located in an old, cold, charming but nonetheless condemned building in Bergen, Norway.

We wanted to avoid the traditional white-cube sterilisation by maintaining most of the original details of the space, allowing for a direct dialogue with the surrounding atmosphere instead of alienating the works from the outer world. Ellen Ringstad‘s site-specific, reductive, formal experiment entitled ‘Yellow’, made entirely of found materials – plastic bags filled with shredded paper – was mounted in a ‘found’ hole in the wall, next to a long line of mirrors, left-overs from previous tenants. Rasmus Hungnes‘ ‘Waste Line’, is, as the title suggests, literally a long line of found waste, placed on the green, worn-out cement floor. These two trashy, immobile installations were emphasized by Eric Alvin Wangel’s silent aesthetic video piece, projected directly onto the wall, subtly reminding us that time is quietly, inevitably ticking.

The non-gallery opening was marked by the serving of warm vegetarian soup, freshly home-baked bread and waffles, which may have prevented our guests from catching that anticipated cold.

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