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Catch a Cold Open

Catch a cold Open @ Premiss, 22.01.2011


Opening dinner @ PREMISS (just below TAG TEAM studios. MAP)
Saturday 22.01.11 @ 20.00h

Free food, free art
works by Rasmus Hungnes, Ellen Ringstad, Eric Alvin Wangel

Warming up for this season’s cool series of hot exhibitions, Premiss sets the premises and opens their premises by inviting to COLD OPEN: an opening dinner with contemporary art as a side dish.

You remember MacGyver, right? Right right? Right right right? The show always started off with a COLD OPEN: the exciting few minutes before the catchy tunes during the vignette hit in, setting the premises for the unveiling of the further next to intolerable excitement of the continued episode, spreading out in time and realm of perception, like a blossoming flower in the spring sun, flowering, its colourful petals reaching for our celestial star. Now, this opening dinner will be similar to this meta-into: Like MacGyver sez: (bad russian accent) I am political, but I also drink… blood… Who do you think would win, MacGyver or Jack Bauer? Creative non-violence or idealistically motivated torture?

24 will not be shown, but Ellen Ringstad, Eric Alvin Wangel and Rasmus Andreas Hungnes will show new work: there will be, if nothing else, a clean, aesthetic site specific installation in trashy surroundings by Ringstad, a stunning as usual video piece by Wangel; Hungnes will deliver the longest Waste line (you know, the dynamic art piece, which can be made at any time of the day, anywhere, by anyone, at any size, by anybody, by everybody and each and every one) yet materialized in the name of art.

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