the process is the artwork

Waste Line gives me the silent treatment, Day 4

(Did you miss previous chapter in the fascinating story of Waste Line? Don’t worry, you can find all of it here. PS: The chapters are best read in chronological order)

Some of you might be worried about Waste Line given the insignificant disagreement we had on saturday, but not to worry. Waste Line is a bit grumpy today, that’s all, and she’s punishing me by giving the silent treatment. I had to remind Waste Line that her existence depended upon our cooperation, so she finally complied and let me measure her weight (540 g) and length (920cm).

Waste Line, Day 4

About Waste Line: Each day the narrator’s personal non-organic waste is lined up, photographed, weighed and measured for the sake of art. Waste Line is literally the story of a line of waste, who is just as concerned with her own origins and wherabouts in life as the rest of us. This tentative project is based on the conceptual and dynamic art piece conceived by the Norwegian artist Rasmus Hungnes, which was inspired by Ellen Ringstad’s organic waistline. Coincidentally, the author of the story is Ellen Ringstad herself. You can follow and contribute to his open-source project on the blog Read more about their collaborative project on this post. All related posts can be found here.

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