the process is the artwork

Waste Line, Day 1

My Waste Line, Day 1, is 172 cm long and weighs 540 grams. If I substract all organic matter (334 g), which will go back to nature quickly enough, it only weighs 206 g. I suspect the weight readings are incorrect, because, as shown in the photographs, it was snowing, and therefore the items gained more weight.

Waste Line – DAY 1 – Detail

(Total weight, 540g) – (Organic matter, 334g)= 206g*

*Although Organic matter indeed is considered waste, it is substracted from the equation, because it decays quickly enough. Accurate readings of my total organic waste is therefore considered irrelevant to this project, and would be hard to measure anyway. The artist (I) is (am) considering removing organic matter from my Waste Line, starting tomorrow, instead of rejecting the whole project as false. According to Dr. Donald E. Simanek, “Science progresses by making mistakes, correcting the mistakes, then moving on to other matters. If we stopped making mistakes, scientific progress would stop“(1). Same is true with art.

Note: Waste Line is a conceptual and dynamic art piece conceived by Bergen-based artist Rasmus Hungnes. You can follow and contribute to his open-source project on Read more about this project on this post.

Sources: (1) Simanek, Donald E. The Scientific Method. Available online from URL: [Downloaded 2011-01-13].

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