the process is the artwork

Waste Line

Plastic Waste Line by Ellen Ringstad

Waste Line is a conceptual and dynamic art piece conceived by Bergen-based artist Rasmus Hungnes.

He says the project was inspired by my organic waistline, which he carefully examined during a visit to my studio. At the time, not long ago in fact, this week-end to be exact, I was working on a sculpture/installation, entitled Organic Waste, and I suspect his funky idea is related to that sculpture also.

My studio is rather trashy, filled up with poor materials patiently waiting to be used. And so the efficient artist did not waste any time: he constructed the first Waste Line, which is literally, as the title suggests, a line composed of waste. They “can be made at any time of the day, anywhere, by anyone, in any size, by anybody, by everybody and each and every one (…). If you make a Waste line yourself, please submit it here and I will post-it”, he declares on his dedicated blog. In an interview with me, he reveals how it would be nice if it became a huge, international, open-source, internet phenomenon. So if you want to be amongst the first to share lines, please do so on

I thought this was a wonderful idea, and so I contributed with my first lines today. Since Rasmus was inspired by me, I am allowing myself to be inspired by him (being an open-source project and all). So every day, starting tomorrow, I will take a photograph of my own personal daily waste, except excrements and such, and, just out of curiosity, I will measure its lebgth and weight. The idea then, is to make a photographic exhibition, installing a long, long, long, long line of photographed waste lines.

And speaking of lines. Here’s a quote from the book Flatland – A Romance of Many Dimensions, a satirical novella by Edwin A. Abbott, which can be downloaded for free from this site.

“I began to move my body out of Lineland. (…) when I had at last moved myself out of his Line, he cried in his shrillest voice, “She is vanished; she is dead.” “I am not dead,” replied I; “I am simply out of Lineland, that is to say, out of the Straight Line which you call Space, and in the true Space, where I can see things as they are.” (1)

Now….Let the rat race begin!

Sources: (1) Abbott, Edwin A. Flatland. 1884. A Romance of Many Dimensions. Second edition. Available online from URL: [Downloaded 2011-01-12].

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